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Payment Terms and Conditions

Your Purchase from Print On Cover • Prices• General Sales
• Return Guarantee
• Details concerning the sale and collection
• Delivery
• Cancellations
• Payment
• Warranty
• Use of warranty
• Proper Return Procedure
• Questions about the service
• Special Conditions for Business customers
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1 Your Purchase from Print On Cover 
There is no binding purchase agreement with Print On Cover until you have received an order confirmation from Print On Cover. Print On Cover does not save the order confirmation after it has been sent to the customer.



2 Prices
All prices include VAT. 25% VAT and the currency is Danish kroner, unless otherwise stated. The prices are only valid within Denmark, excl. the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Prices are subject to: currency changes, force majeure, delivery failures, tax changes, stock shortage and printing errors.


3 General Sales
The price stated at the time of the order is the set price. Print On Cover reserves the right to refuse to print images or messages that are considered unethical.


4 Return Guarantee
There is no return guarantee due to the fact that all of our items have been custom made with the individual client's design, this product is therefore regarded as a uniquely produced for the customer and can not be returned. There is a 14 day return policy with the purchase of a standard cover



5 Delivery
Subject to availability and delayed delivery from Print On Cover wholesalers. The product is delivered to the customer 2-3 days after an order is placed.



6 Cancellations
If you want to cancel an order or delete a pre-set order, it should in general be done in the same procedure as the booking. Alternatively, it can be done by sending an email marked " Cancellation ". The email should include the date the order was placed and the order number. If you received an email with your order confirmation, please forward this email with the text " Cancellation " inserted in the subject line. Cancellations must be made before 14:00 on the same day the order was placed.



7 Payment
Payment options include: Paypal, Visa, Dankort Mastercard, payment on delivery upon agreement (only businesses), cash (only stores). It is not possible to pay in advance, as a client in this situation, is legally in a weaker position than by using the other forms of payment. Transaction fees do not exceed the PBS fixed fees. The amount is deducted when the goods are shipped.



8 Warranty
There is a 2-year warranty on products purchased from Print On Cover. The difference between the warranty and a guarantee is listed under Rules of Purchase.  If there are additional details regarding warranty or guarantee, this will be stated separately on the invoice. If the product should unexpectedly break during the warranty period, the repair is free of charge at our or the manufacturer's workshop. Damage to product caused by operational error, handling error, modifications or gross misuse by the user, is not covered by the warranty. This includes any change to the electrical current inputed to any relevant component. Print On Cover can not be held responsible for any loss of customer data, unless it follows directly from the Danish legislation. Print On Cover therefore recommends that the customer to take a copy / backup of all data. To the extent Print On Cover may be liable, the liability is limited to direct loss and therefore do not include indirect losses such as lost wages, transport costs, operating losses, installation costs



9 Use of warranty
Complaints about defects must be notified to Print On Cover within a reasonable time after receipt of the goods. The customer is strongly urged to declare any product failures or defects in the complaint, because failure to do so could mean an delay in the remediation process. Questions for Print On Cover can be made via email to:



10 Proper Return Procedure
All products returned to Print On Cover must be securely wrapped. Print On Cover recommend that the product is returned via Post Denmark, and that the product is sent as a recorded parcel. In this way it is possible to track the package by using the Post Danmark system and remove any doubt as to whether the product has been returned to Print On Cover. Further, the customer has the option of being able to track the package, if no delivery has been made. All products received from Print On Cover are wrapped in secure packaging, and if they are returned, should therefore be packed in equally secure packaging. Failing this, the good may be damaged, which can result in the loss of your right to return the product.

11 Questions?
If you have any questions, Print On Cover recommend that you contact Print On Cover or mail:



12 Special Conditions for Business Customers
The same sales conditions apply as for regular customers, with the following modification. There is no return guarantee due to the fact that all orders are made to order. There is a 1/2 year warranty from the original invoice date. Replacement or repair does not lead to a new 1/2 year warranty period. Print On Cover retains the rights to the items purchased on credit until the total amount has been recovered. All costs associated with the enforcement of the rights are carried forward to the buyer. Interest shall accrue from the due date 1% per month.