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Her kan du oploade dit eget billede.

Du kan desuden vælge et af billederne over til højre eller putte tekst og farve på cover.


Pictures should be in the following format. JPG/JPG, PNG/Transparent PNG of GIF


Pictures should have a width of 353 pixels and a height of 738 pixels or bigger so that the picture fills the entire cover. The picture is printed on the cover with a dpi of 1440x720 i a resolution of 150 ppi, that gives a good result.

Rights to material. 

To upload and use a motive (picture, logo, brand-logo, motto, text etc.) in the designer, you must have the neccessary rights(copyright). If you are in doubt, check the motive's legal staus before you upload. You can ask owners for permission to use the motive. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are legally entitled to use the motive, and can provide the required documentation. When you save a motive with POC APS, you automatically confirm ”I am in posession of the neccessary rights to use this motive comercially. If POC APS are contacted by owners of copyright, I accept that they will be referred directly to me. I understand that if I am in breach of others copyright to a motive that I can be liable to pay compenstation to these. We reserve the rights to refuse motives, that we regard as offensive, eg. motives that have pornographic, racist, violent or similar content.


When a cover is ordered, it cannot be cancelled. With return of goods under consumer rights, a replacement with the same design will be sent.

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